To obtain an initial handicap it is necessary for a member to hand in cards for a minimum of 54 holes, these may be 3 18 hole cards, 6 9 hole cards or any combination signed by player and a partner who already has a handicap. A handicap is awarded based on their performance against the standard scratch score not par.

For competition purposes a players handicap must be “competitive” this means that a minimum of 3 qualifying competition cards or supplementary cards must be returned during the calendar year January 1st to December 31st. A Supplementary card can be submitted by signing in in the Pro Shop and declaring your intent exactly as you would in a qualifying competition. Mark the card as a supplementary and indicate the tee from which you played and hand in as you would for competitions. These cards are designed for members who struggle to play in competitions.  The handicap list in the changing rooms will show competitive handicaps with a “c” after the handicap.

Adjustments to handicap are made in qualifying competitions based on performance against the CSS which reflects the difficulty of play on the day. The handicap committee meet once a month to discuss “Rule 23” General Play adjustments which relate to non qualifying competitions or social golf performances. Any player who wishes to be considered for an adjustment should provide cards through the competition box, the office or the pros shop. These cards do not guarantee a reduction.

In addition in, December each year an Annual Review of handicaps takes place and reductions or increases in handicaps can be made based on members performances throughout the year.